Ads exchange: The scam of 2022?

Basic Introduction

Ads Exchange is yet another Fintech.

If you have noticed, Fintech brands are becoming very popular in India.

Have you heard about this recently becoming a popular platform ads exchange?

A scam?

If you want to know about this platform then you have come to the right article.

What is Fintech?

The brand that makes online payments easy is called Fintech in the common language.

By using technology along with finance, this payment gateway makes online payments easy.

Many platforms like Paytm, UPI, Google Pay, Free Charge, and Bharat Pay have solved the problem of payment in India.

Ads Exchange: Details and Working

Recently a new platform has been launched in India named Ads Exchange.

It is a B2C service platform.

B2C system means business to customers.

The work of this system is to get direct dealing done between businesses and customers like mobile recharge or paying the phone bills.

Customer pays the business and this app acts as an intermediate which makes this process faster and easier.

If you see their app or website, then you will have options to pay DTH recharge, gas connection and electricity and water bills there.

You need to create and register your account to access this app. KYC has to be completed on the app.

After this, you have to fund your wallet.

The minimum fund amount is Rs 999.

You can make these payments only after you have funded your wallet. But friends, as its website claims – it is not purely a fintech app.

Money can also be earned on this app. Small tasks of big companies are listed on this app like watching a video or doing a survey.

By completing many such tasks, Rs 5-100\can be earned daily.

When the earning is Rs 500 or above, then, you can withdraw from it.

Earning at level 1 starts from Rs 5 and level 8 earns you Rs 100.

Mobile recharge of premium Rs 20,000 gives 10% commission and on recharge of Rs 20,000, you get 15% commission.

A referral program also runs on this app, in which you can make money by forming a team.

These team members can range from 5 to 4 lakhs.

This app makes all such claims and some people have also made money. But not much.

The advantage of this app is if you want to earn a few rupees sitting for free, then, it is right for you.

Ads Exchange Conclusion

Ads Exchange is a multilevel marketing scheme covered under the hood of fintech.

Multilevel marketing is a technique adopted by brands in which companies pay a commission for each member added.

This scheme is very popular but the bitter truth of this scheme is that a stable income cannot be generated from it.

By making members, we only benefit the brands.

We do not get that much money for our hard work.

If you talk about real life, then making 4 lakh people a member is an impossible task.

To date, no one has earned so much money from this app.

There is also a Telegram group of owners of this app where live earning is done.

This app has not refunded money from the wallet of many people recently.

If you research carefully about this app, then people call it a scam.

On this matter, its owner told the people that they also have a crypto coin, whose value will range from 4 paise to 10 thousand one day.

All these things are baseless and have no head or feet.

If you are using this app for recharge or any other bill payment then it is fine but there are many better or more reliable options in the market than this.

Owing to all the controversy in the market, we recommend you not to trust the app completely.


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