Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2023 | how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022 | how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

A Basic Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that is in direct marketing of some other third-party service or product.
The term “Affiliate” means being a part of a community or a group.

Affiliate Marketing Easy Way to earn money in 2022
Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money

Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

This is why it’s the type of marketing done for some other company becoming a member of their community or group.

The members of the community or group are not direct employees of the company but connected to the company for marketing a particular product or service in exchange for a commission fee.

Each sale of the product or service marks a commission fee for the affiliate marketer.

The commission cut lies anywhere between 5-30%.

Nowadays almost every company has an affiliate program that users register to make money.

Some companies allow direct registration while some companies receive a request for affiliate partners.

Looking up the individual’s profile, the company may choose to reject or accept the individual.

Thereafter, the individual can start to put the link of the product or the service on the website, YouTube channel, or any social channel which has engagement and is likely to make a sale. Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

The company pays the affiliate partner either in a bank account, wallet, or in PayPal according to his preferred way.

Parts of Affiliate Marketing- The Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

Affiliate Merchant

Affiliate Merchant is the ones who sell off their products or services online.

An affiliate Merchant could be the creator of the product/service or holds complete rights over the product/service.

The use case of a merchant could be a creator, seller, company, brand, seller, vendor, or organization.

Popular examples: Fortune Five hundred companies like Amazon or individual creators like Mariah Coz.


A single individual or an entire company can be an affiliate marketer who wishes to earn a commission over selling off another company’s products/services.

The commission could make you either millions, ten million, or nothing at all.

The more you sell, the more money both the involved parties of the company and the Affiliate marketer make.

It is all about your engagement and the power of convincing people to buy from you.

Affiliate Website

An affiliate website is a complete website designed like an e-commerce store listing various products to choose from a variety of categories.

On clicking the link, one may be redirected to the source for making the purchase.

This direct link jumping may give credits to the affiliate marketer’s website. Affiliate Marketing: Easy way to earn money in 2022


An affiliate marketer sells the product/service to the consumer or customer.

The consumer might be a direct consumer of the original company’s products/services.

Some guidelines state that consumers or customers should be aware of the affiliate program and should not about the money going into the affiliate’s account as well. Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

Some websites leave a proper disclaimer like Thanks for supporting our Network.

The consumer or the customer doesn’t have to pay any amount extra but the cost of the affiliate is included in the net cost of the product/service. Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

Affiliate Network

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a complete set of networks where products are kept to be sold off by affiliate members.

There are two ways by which you can become a part of the Affiliate ecosystem.

1. Selling: You can put your product for selling via the Affiliates.

2. Affiliate: You can promote and sell the product listed on the Affiliate network in exchange for a commission fee.

Sellers know about the scheme and promise commissions in return by putting their products in the Affiliate network.

Affiliate marketers generate Affiliate links to a particular product and market them.

Each Affiliate member is capable to generate a new Affiliate link for a particular product.

A single product can have N number of Affiliate links belonging to different Affiliate marketers.

An affiliate network is safe because companies act as a middle man between both the parties involved.

If the product gets sold off, the money put in by the consumer or customer is held by the company and it distributes the fee among both the parties holding no chance of any sort of cheating. Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

Big names of Affiliate Networks: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program and Click Bank.

How can I get started?

Now that you are aware of the operation of Affiliate networks, you can choose either an Affiliate marketer or a seller.


You must consider following the below-listed steps- Affiliate Marketing: Easy way to earn money in 2022

Step 1: Product Creation Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money in 2022

You must brainstorm for product ideas, validate your idea and create the product.

The product should be digital.

This is because Digital products don’t have any manufacturing costs, shipping charges, and installation charges.

a) How to digital course
b) Online course
c) E-Books
d) Podcast
e) Digital Graphics

Step 2: Find Affiliate Program Partners and register yourself or your business up on them.

A few names are:

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Gumroad

Step 3: Start Selling and Make MONEY!

Affiliate Marketer

You can become an affiliate marketer as well to start your journey.

Step 1: Review products in your niche either by blogging or by starting a YouTube channel of your own

Step 2: Collect Email Addresses to connect with your audience

Step 3: Collaborate with fellow affiliate marketers via joint venture webinars for growing your email list and educating your audience.

Step 4: Start promoting your Affiliate links online on social media platforms, YouTube channels, and your blogs.

Step 5: Use PPC (Pay per click) to advertise the Affiliate products.

Step 6: Start making money through Affiliate Marketing

Top 7 proven ways in 2022 to succeed in Affiliate Marketing

can you male money with affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing Easy way to earn money

1. Influencer Marketing

The influencer has a large audience following them and engaging with their content.

Brands approach influencers to market their product by posting either in posts or stories.

This makes them loyal followers of the influencers to buy that product from them.

One great step brands take is to find the same niche influencer for more product selling.

Example: A make-up brand advertises its products through a make-up blogger or makeup Instagram influencers such as Huda Kattan or Kylie Jenner.

Not only does the influencer get paid via affiliate commission but also by brands for posting.

It is said that influencers earn millions through a single post.

Reportedly Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid influencer on Instagram getting millions per post.

2. Blogging

Affiliate Marketing is immensely done by bloggers wanting to monetize their website and increase their backlinks.

This type of Affiliate Program works well with a niche selling the products belonging to the same niche.

For example, A makeup blogger keeps up affiliate links of the makeup brand products or cosmetics only.

3. Referral Links

Signing up on the affiliate program generate ref links.

Each ref link for each product for each affiliate user.

When your website visitors, email subscribers, or social media followers visit the link and make a purchase, you make money.

4. Social Media

You can put either the ref link in your social media bio or you can directly sell the products if you have engaging followers.

Besides, you can also post in Facebook groups, and pages, and do promotional posting.

You can run social media ads as well.

5. Email Marketing

Building an email list is a difficult task but pays you very well.

When you have around 100 to 200 emails. You can easily promote affiliates.

6. Ads and Microsite

A Microsite is a site created for a short span of time active only for a month or so, until the Ad campaign either on Social media like Facebook or Google runs.

A microsite is hosted with a domain and hosting comes at a very cheap price.

Whenever the Ad copy is there to entice the customers, they click on it to reach the Microsite.

A Microsite should be visually appealing for the customer to make an Affiliate purchase out of the links listed on the Microsite.

7. Video Marketing

You can do video marketing on Instagram via reels or on Youtube.

Both works wonder very easily.

In the description box of the YouTube video or in the reels caption, you can put out the affiliate link for your followers to buy from.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the hottest ways to make money in 2022 but nothing in this world is easy.

Affiliate Marketing can work wonders through strategic planning and continuous effort.

Those who claim that they earned millions in a day are true but behind the confession, lies countless overworking days of planning and taking action.

If you choose any way out of the listed 7 such as Email, YouTube, Social Media, and Referrals, you are likely to start making money in 6-9 months via affiliates with continuous efforts to generate stable income.

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