B2B SaaS Salesforce: The best CRM occupies 32% in the market

B2B SaaS Salesforce: The best CRM occupies 32% of the market

What is B2B SaaS

Hearing about a thing called “B2B SaaS” that appears to be trendy but nothing new but a 145.5 Billion Dollar-Industry.

B2B means Business to Business. 

SaaS is Software as a Service.

A business requires a vast number of processes to run successfully, whether it is a healthcare organization or a digital powerhouse. 

Every day, organizations employ various teams in various areas such as product development, sales, marketing, services, accounting, analytics, customer support, and customer engagement, among others. 

Businesses require automation to handle this volume of data as well as record keeping. 

The more automated jobs become, the faster corporate processes become, resulting in more revenue. 

To fill this void, businesses utilize all-in-one software that meets their requirements in all formats and characteristics. 

This software is commonly referred to as SaaS-Software as a Service- and is given to enterprises on a subscription basis. 

Because providing software to businesses is the primary goal of the software company, they are referred to as B2B SaaS. 

Salesforce, SAP, Shopify, and Slack are examples of B2B SaaS giants that are used for business operations and customer relationship management.

What is Salesforce?

B2B SaaS Salesforce
B2B SaaS Salesforce
  • Salesforce is an American cloud-based customer relationship management software started by a former Oracle employee. 
  • Salesforce caters only to businesses making it a SaaS provider (Software as a service). 
  • Salesforce sells itself in different packages serving the smallest enterprise up to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Operating as CRM for years, Salesforce launched its service cloud, a feature that was winning the game for Salesforce. 
  • Some of the biggest companies in India like Paytm, Bharat Petroleum, Olx India, Godrej Group, RazorPay, Cleartax, and Redbus, etc are clients of Salesforce. 
  • Salesforce is always leveling up its services every now and then. The last development is Salesforce is now a blockchain.

Occupying a whopping 32% market share, Salesforce is the number one CRM in the whole world. Being a cloud-based CRM, it is one of its kind and built on a business model that was the first to be ever launched.

It offers a large amount of pre-customized services in sales, marketing, operations, and many other fields known as service clouds.

These clouds can be purchased on subscriptions anywhere in the world and modified according to the organization’s needs.

Another important thing about salesforce is that it offers third-party integration, other applications like Mailchimp, Dropbox, Gmail, etc can be clubbed together using salesforce and made to behave the way the organization wants.

The third-party integration technology is known as AppExchange.

Famous Clients of Salesforce: Spotify, Bharat Petroleum, and Paytm. 

Why do we need Salesforce?

Relationships may appear to be purely personal, yet they are crucial in the business world because they may make or break an organization’s portfolio. Relationships can exist between a company and its clients, between a company and its staff, or between different companies.

The relationship between an organization and its customers in business relates to how satisfied a customer is with an organization’s service or product, how likely the consumer is to purchase the same again, and for how long.

The ultimate goal of such a connection is that all of the organizations’ demands are addressed due to demand fulfillment and customer happiness, which encourages trade between both parties and creates more money for the organization.

Salesforce Customisation as a CRM

Salesforce offers customization in the CRM as per their different clouds.

6 Major-different clouds that offer customization as a CRM

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud: 

The sales cloud offers management of accounting, leads, contacts, products, and campaigns. With proper customization, the sales cloud can produce results of efficient automation, accurate reporting, and sales forecasting.

B2B SaaS Salesforce

2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 

The marketing cloud helps to interact with the user via emails, advertising, and social media to generate constant engagement. This cloud can be customized for introducing different responsive marketing sets that develop into different use cases for the type of leads.

3. Salesforce Commerce Cloud: 

Owned by e-commerce platforms, this can be customized to provide different types of experiences in the application of the brand. The commerce cloud customization helps a business to scale up its e-commerce business by introducing a different set of automated and responsive processes leading to cloud development.

4. Salesforce Service Cloud: 

The service cloud is used to record, manage and track the conversations between the business and customers. Service cloud can be customized for in-house interactions, live chats, personalized extra services to choose from, and many more.

5. Salesforce Experience Cloud: 

Experience cloud connects businesses, their employees, suppliers, investors, customers, and communities in one place. Customization in this cloud may improve the connection of the teams easily and automate with proper notifications of being available or not. 

6. Salesforce Analytics Cloud: 

Salesforce uses AI to handle large data sets and extract meaningful information between the same. Customization in the analytics cloud will make the business capable of separating and clubbing together different sets of data to create meaningful information.


It provides industry-specific solutions for industries:

  • Communications
  • Media 
  • Healthcare
  • Energy 
  • Public Sectors
  • Financial services 
  • Insurance

Salesforce Customisation for Customer Experience: 

A customer’s experience within the brand should be easy and comforting enough to retain the customer.

To enhance the customer experience, salesforce customization within the cloud and UX/UI enhances a customer’s journey within the brand. 

Salesforce Customisation for User Experience 

UX is the way the brand is presented in front of the customer and the ease of the customer’s journey with the brand includes less turnaround time, quick operation, easy use, and reduced complexity.

Heroku.com- Platform as a Service (PaaS): Salesforce uses another cloud-based platform Heroku.com to deploy, manage, customize, and scale-up applications. 

Salesforce customizes UX using Lighting web components.

Delivery of a good UX for a brand is one of the key functions that can be performed using salesforce.

Lightning web component is used to develop single-page applications with dynamic and responsive UX/UI using APEX and JavaScript on the server side and APEX on the client side.

Lightning web components use core standards of Web components with an inbuilt code running in browsers delivering exceptional performance with its lightweight.

Lightning web components are open-source leading to constant additions and developments.

The Lightning web library is a hub for UX development owing to the necessary guides and tools. 

Branding of the website and application of the brand is effectively done by using the Lightning web component of Lightning App Builder.

The design using the Lightning web component appears to be visually appealing and clean.

B2B SaaS Salesforce
B2B SaaS Salesforce

Salesforce functions/uses

Salesforce provides required applications and solutions to launch subscription services, quotes, and contracts for media and communication clouds.

Salesforce supports insurance markets with optimal solutions through their financial records, policies, and insurance claims.

Salesforce increases ordering process speed, and the bill generation process automates workflows and handles customer service for energy and utilities.

Salesforce maintains medical histories, appointments, and prescriptions and carries on procedures for effective patient management, and helps to enhance relationships in healthcare.

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Conclusion: B2B SaaS Salesforce

Offering loads of features for businesses operating in any capital, salesforce is used by small businesses to multinational companies on subscription. If you are starting out, Salesforce is there for you as well!

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