Earn bitcoin easily by simple steps easily

Earn bitcoin easily by simple steps easily

Earn bitcoin easily by simple steps easily

Earn bitcoin easily by simple steps easily

Friends in this article, I am going to tell you about how to earn free Bitcoin easily. And I think this is the greatest source to earn Bitcoin because the Bitcoin rate is $5,000. There are a lot of websites that are giving free Bitcoin easily with a short time work only. So stay tuned and read my article and in this article, your confusion will be clear soon.

What is bitcoin

Earn bitcoin easily by simple steps easily

A software developer name satoshi Nakamoto introduced the currency named Bitcoin in 2008. Bitcoin means an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof. The idea was built due to send payment via dollar to one another.

So let’s get a start that how to earn Bitcoin easily

The different website name for earn BTC easily is btcuniversum.com. It is a free bitcoin earning website and it gives free bitcoin.


First, you have to create an account in this website. First, enter your username and email. Also, enter your password and verify your identity.after registration confirms your account via email verification.



There will be 4 options. The first option is a minute bonus, the second option is an hourly bonus. The third option is the daily bonus and IV option in an advance bonus.

Minute bonus

If you click on minute then you can claim 7 to 20 satoshi every time when you click on it. This process is easy and you can easily submit your captcha to that website and earn every time you click. This is for minute bonus and you will and every minute with this.

Hourly Bonus

If you click on the hourly bonus. There will be a page open after the click. After entering this page you can simply click on submit capture and you can easily submit the captcha and earn 15 to 100 satoshi every hour.


DAY Bonus

By clicking on the bonus you can easily earn 15 to 150 satoshi everyday.

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