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Like a King: Clash Kingdoms in Royal Battles

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Game free The kingdom needs a new king. So the battle of the castle has begun! Lead your army to victory over opponents! Clash with enemies, attack them and play strategy cards to win the war! Play the best RTS game ever!

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Here is what you need to know:
The Land of a Thousand Kingdoms is a fantasy world full of magic. This beautiful place inspires epic battles. Kings fight fierce battles to take humans and orcs to the top, but there can only be one royal king. Are you proficient in martial arts? I

Collect varieties of cards and combine them using the strategy of placing buildings on the battlefield. Use your card collection to mine gold and more! Choose from a large card collection.

to battle!
how to play
Match your perfect deck to win!

Make mines to mine gold. This is a very valuable resource, it is needed for the construction of military structures.
Build melee and ranged barracks, building a path from them to rival buildings to capture as large an area as possible.
If the enemy is moving, build a defense tower.

To win, you must destroy your opponent’s castle. to battle!

You can get cards and resources in stores or chests to win battles. Upgrade cards to make your kingdom more powerful!

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