How To Make Money with Google Adsense


How To Make Money with Google Adsense

How To Make Money with Google Adsense

So Google Adsense is how most of the people serve ads and that they pay out many people to point out ads on their videos and websites every single month and i am going to show you ways you’ll make money and claim a bit of that pie with Google Adsense.

how to make money with google adsense

Woo! Google Adsense, Google is getting paid by Google is such an exciting thing I mean imagine having Google start sending you checks that be fantastic right? And it’s pretty easy to do actually Ill be showing you in this video and I’ll be walking you through some examples on my computer of how you can make money with Google Adsense have Google pay you it’s the best feeling like seeing a check in the mail from Google like that is the coolest thing.

People’s minds get blown when you show them your first check from Google they’re like what Googles paying you its funny.

But there are really two main methods of making money with Google Adsense, First, I’m gonna explain exactly what Google Adsense is so all of the ads that you see on YouTube videos like this one or ads that you simply see on websites around the internet like like Huffington Post or TMZ or Fox whatever.

A lot of these ads are controlled by Google and Google can pay you if you own an internet site or a YouTube channel Google can pay you money just to show ads on your videos or on your website so that brings us to the two main methods of making money with Google Adsense.

The first is blogging, and there are a few days to do blogging.

I’ll show you some examples but the first is just kind of blogs kind of blogging about life, the second is blogging about Showing people how to do something, How to dress your self for success or how to color your hair in four simple steps, What the best baby diapers are, etc.

And also news okay you’ll start a news site and other people will visit your website.

Now, the second main method is logging. And sort of this the same three things apply is you can have you can vlog about life and just kind of like you know like JakePaul just kind of going through the world pranking people something funny happens and your relationship and you just want to share it or so your animals do something funny right cat videos.

The second is how to once again you can like this is what I’m doing right here is I’m teaching you how to do something, In this case, I’m teaching you how to make money on the internet or something along those lines how to do affiliate marketing if you follow me more closely and you can also put up videos about the news or your opinions on particular news subjects.

Another example is best disposable baby diapers so well see were on the baby list and if you search for you know best baby diapers for a newborn girl or something along that line Youll come to a site like this and you’ll see there are ads on this site, There are different ads, etc so that’s another way to make money with Google.

Then the third example may be a news site we see you recognize Huffington Post this was started by one woman who just wanted to share her democratic left ling wing leaning opinions on the news and you’ll see here ads up here and if we click that little button well sees you know it says how Google shows your ads and you know it shows me how this information was collected and what not but well see there are lots of ads all over the site that whenever they show she makes money.

how to make money with google adsense

Now to go over some examples from YouTube here are my earnings from YouTube just to give you an example for the last month of February and you’ll see I made about $400 in Adsense revenue right now I have about 69 thousand subscribers so if you do the math really to live comfortably in a first world country you need at least half a million subscribers to make significant money with Adsense.

Now we see here you can start a music channel, that’s another type of category of the channel you can start on YouTube.

Heres a channel that this guy JaBig has three hundred and forty-nine thousand subscribers. So or three hundred and eighty-four thousand subscribers so that’s one of the ways he’s making money and ads show over his videos.

Heres an example of a how-to channel obviously a how-to channel but here’s a bigger one which is Peter McKinnon and PeterMcKinnon is showing people how to film events how did how to do be a filmer. Heres a video of him showing how to edit your photos here’s how to set up your filmmaking. There are more tutorials, 8 camera hacks in 90 seconds, Take better shots with your iPhone you’ll see that as 3.1 million views.

And what’s great is these videos will keep getting views over and over again just like if your blog post will keep getting views over and over and over again if you’re sharing something that’s valuable and it’ll consistently cause you to money. So, there’s really not a lot to it.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money it is very easy if you have a YouTube channel just by definition you’re going to be making from Google Adsense.

What you would like to keep in mind is that the way Google Adsense works is google tech gives you40% of whatever they earn, so Google basically takes a 60% cut and you get about 40% half almost half.

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