The Power of Instagram Verification: Building Trust and gaining New Customers in 2023

What is Instagram verification and why is it important?

Instagram is a popular application in the whole world since 2010 as it was earlier used by common people and celebrities but now, governments, businesses, communities, brands, and organizations have also come on Instagram to generate awareness, engage the audience, communicate and make sales of their products or services.

The verification badge or blue tick on Instagram is a mandatory thing to possess for notable people, governments, businesses, communities, brands, and organizations. To be able to show your presence, activity, uniqueness, authenticity, and legitimacy, you need to be verified on Instagram if you are a brand, business, organization, or a famous person either a celebrity or an influencer because of these reasons. Such entities either apply for Instagram verification.

To get verification, the above-mentioned entities have to submit their details and references for their work.

Usually, the Instagram verification pattern is comprised of

“Short and round display picture_username_bluetick/badge”.

Instagram Verification Badge
Instagram Verification Badge

This blue tick or badge is known as a blue tick, Instagram verification, or verification badge.

If the person or organization is immensely famous, it is easier for them to get verification. Mid-range people are rejected due to technical errors and the number of applications.

Let us now understand the way to move your application on Instagram.

Why is it important?

Instagram account verification is very a mandatory option because the famous person or a brand or an organization needs to be trusted by people.

So, to ensure the authenticity, notability, activeness, and realness of the famous person or the brand or an organization, amongst the fans of the famous person, potential customers, potential investors, existing customers and investors, the famous person or the brand or the organization has to get their Instagram accounts verified with the blue tick or Instagram verification badge to ensure that it is the real account of the mentioned person, brand or organization and belongs to them only and officially.

If the famous person or the brand or an organization isn’t verified on Instagram, fans, potential customers, existing customers, investors, and potential investors mistake their real account as a fake account or fan account and do not follow it or unfollow it and thus, do not indulge in its posts and do not engage with the account.

To eliminate this problem, famous people, organizations, or brands need to have a verified Instagram account that proves their realness and official.

Who can get blue ticks or Instagram verification badges?

Not everybody can get verified on social media accounts. A common man/woman, who has never done any kind of notable work or isn’t famous can never get verified on Instagram until and unless he/she does not do any famous work or does belong to any famous brand, community, influencer, organization or government.

There are only a few entities that are allowed to get verified on Instagram. They are

Instagram Verification: Category 1

People belonging to the government, police, and military. Government and police also operate on Instagram to create awareness, relativity, and engagement. Prime minister, President, cabinets, ex and currently operating government officials, current and ex-heads of the state, elected officials, ex-officials, current and ex appointed ministers, appointed chief ministers, ex-chief ministers, government or famous private institutional entities, the ambassadors of the government, famous current or retired policemen, famous current or retired army officials and official spokespeople are needed to be verified on Instagram if they are present on Instagram and it is mandatory.

Instagram verification: Category 2

Businesses, Companies, brands, organizations, and NGOs: The accounts of official Instagram accounts of the companies, brands, organizations, and NGOs along with the important or famous people belonging to the above-mentioned entities such as famous businessmen, famous entrepreneurs, and famous employees, etc.

Instagram Verification: Category 3

Famous people include celebrities, sportspersons, journalists, directors, producers, actors, models, entertainment industry people, singers, dancers, YouTubers, influencers, activists, environmentalists, chefs, lawyers, engineers, pilots, architects, teachers, traders, accountants, farmers, scientists, photographers, economists, dieticians, nutritionists, pilots, nurses, surgeons, doctors, hospitals, writers, religious leaders. Such people get verified on Instagram without any trouble.

How to get verification on Instagram?

Let us understand the process to get verified on this platform.

  1. Submission of weblinks: You need to submit the link to your website. Then, Secondly, you need to submit the link to your Instagram account. Thirdly, you need to submit the web link to the reference of you or your work. These websites need not be crowd-based and should not offer free publishing. Websites mentioning you and your work. These web links should not be limited only to two or three links.
  2. Submission of IDs: You need to submit your official government IDs that contain your name, phone number, address, etc. These IDs include an original driving license and all other IDs, etc.
  3. Submission of official contact details: You need to provide your official email ID along with your phone number. All of them should be active, belong to you only and they should be in working conditions.

Instagram Verification Service

Many companies provide the service of social media verification. These companies test your eligibility to get verified on Instagram. These companies offer various plans for the verification process on Instagram depending upon whether the applicant is a person, brand, company, business, community, or organization.


Let us look at the procedure of submission of details to get yourself verified on this giant platform.

  1. Registration on the company’s website or application: Fill in your complete details such as name, date of birth, sex, address, and phone number, and also, submit your official government or national IDs. It is mandatory to submit your Government ID, address ID, national ID, passport, driving license, Living license, and taxation ID.
  2. Submission of weblinks: You need to submit the links to the websites that have mentioned you and your work in detail. These web links should be in good numbers.
  3. Submission of links to your own Instagram account: You need to submit the link to your own Instagram profile.
  4. Submission of the link to your website: You need to submit the link to your website.
  5. Submission of the official contact details: You need to submit details of your office phone number or official email.
  6. Submission of the links to any other verified social media platforms, if any: If your other social media profiles are verified, it would be easier for Instagram to process your application.

Once you complete all of the above-mentioned procedures, after a few minutes, you get an eligibility score. Higher the eligibility score, the higher the chances to get verified. If your eligibility score is less, the company plans to make you eligible by publishing articles about you and your work, and takes more effort to increase your eligibility score. Once your eligibility score is increased, chances of verification are also increased. This type of company charges more for fewer eligibility scores as these profiles require proper planning and charges less for good quality scores. One can opt for Instagram Verification Service by their eligibility score or whether they are an individual, brand, community, or organization

Why are some people rejected for Instagram verification?

There are some reasons that people aren’t able to get verification badges.

  1. Lack of weblinks: The weblinks which lead to the mention of you and your work are limited only to two or three numbers. Moreover, they are published on a free-to-publish website or the third-party hosted common websites used by multiple people
  2. Lack of web presence: Web links that contain the articles published about you and your work should be in the range of 12-15. Also, those articles should not contain a mere reference to you and your work. These articles should repeatedly use your name as a keyword and in around 1000-1500 words, those articles on the web links should give full details of you and your work.
  3. Lack of verified profile on the top search engines and online encyclopedia.Blurred or old images: on photo IDs, incorrect addresses, or maybe, incorrect details that Instagram fails to verify.
  4. Invalid phone numbers or Invalid Email ID: Instagram was unable to verify them and hence, the application was rejected.
  5. Not verified on the other top-3 social media platforms: Being verified on the other popular social media platforms adds a lot of value to your application. If not so, this could be one of the reasons for the rejection of the application.
  6. Instagram’s mistake: Sometimes, due to a large number of applications and due to similar names, Instagram, mistakenly, rejects your application. These mistakes are, generally, unnoticed by Instagram and hence, these mistakes are committed.

So, the above-mentioned reasons could be one of the reasons for the rejection of your application for Instagram verification.

Ineligible accounts and loss of verification on Instagram

Ineligible accounts and loss of verification happen many times on the platform. If such an event happens, people usually opt for Instagram Verification from any service provider. However, this is not recommended.

Ineligible accounts include the accounts of people who aren’t famous, notable or do not belong to any brand, community, or organization. Those people who haven’t done any notable work or haven’t been part of any notable cause, task or event cannot be verified on Instagram. This rule applies to businesses, companies, brands, and organizations too. To get notified, you must possess notable works.

Removal of Instagram verification badge happens rarely but when it happens it may be due to community guideline violation of Instagram. Those accounts that post repeated objectionable posts or words, get unverified, and then, in extreme cases, their accounts get deleted permanently from Instagram.

What happens after Instagram verification?

Whenever a famous person, brand, community, organization, company, or business gets verified on Instagram, this adds a lot of value to their work. Profiles of such above-mentioned entities appear to be real, and active and people gain trust in them. When their profile seems to be real, fan and fake accounts are not trusted and there is no chance of misinformation. Also, when a profile is verified, the visibility of the profile is more in the search bar, when it is searched. A verified profile boosts up in the algorithm and appears in people’s feeds increasing the brand’s awareness and engagement rate.

Instagram for Businesses and Brands


It can be concluded that Instagram is a widely used application that is even used by governments. Instagram Verification is a long process. Not everyone can get verified on Instagram. Only notable people, businesses, brands, communities, and organizations, that have done notable work, are allowed to get an Instagram verification badge.

Once a profile becomes eligible for verification, the application is submitted to Instagram. Generally, some people’s applications approve very easily and some people’s applications aren’t approved easily.

Even though this, Instagram verification applications of such above-mentioned people also get rejected sometimes due to a large number of received applications by Instagram. To get verified, notable people, businesses, brands, communities, and organizations opt for the service to buy Instagram Verification but however, it is not much recommended if you are worthy.

This means a company provides them all the details of getting their profiles verified but they all get profiles of the above-mentioned entities verified on Instagram.

Once the profile of notable people, businesses, brands, communities, and organizations get verified, they become more trusted, appear faster in search results and their posts appear in people’s feeds.

This automatically increases awareness about them along with the increase in their number of followers and increase in engagement rates.


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