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If you have searched the dictionary before, you will not find Marketing.
You will find the word Market Market. There was no marketing before. The term “marketing” began in 1910.
So how did people work in the past before marketing? In the pre-marketing era, people-focused only on two Ps. Price is the product. The main downside is the price.

People try to make their product the best and easiest way possible. They cut their costs so that prices are not too high. They don’t advertise. We do not use advertising expenses.

So even a word came up. say what. If you spend money on advertising your product, you don’t even have to advertise your product. The words That means, well, you don’t have to advertise if the product is good.

Of course, you know. A good quality product is not cheap. But people want to be cheap. So, can we not sell good products at great prices?
This question was asked by some of the best sellers of the time. They couldn’t find the answer. However, many sellers believe that this is not the case, but a wider view is more likely. They are not eager to sell. But I know that people will buy more when and where they advertise, and when.

In addition, some people in the advertising and marketing team have set up marketing departments.
Marketing is about making your product available for cheap without having to sell it cheaply.


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