Mobile games: list of number 1 mobile versions of the famous Playstation High end games

Review of Famous PlayStation High-end games with their versions on the App Store

Gamers are so passionate about games that they try different consoles for different games and iPhone’s App Store is a place where the user experience is enhanced but completely different compared to PC games or games running on Gaming Consoles. While high-end games are costly that can be only run on these expensive gaming kits- Some of these High-end games have replicas or a few parts of them are available as the mobile games are free or paid-in both options to choose from.

Let us review the top 3 of them in our today’s review post.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

App Store Rating: 3.9 stars (449)

The infamous game Tomb Raider has its own replica on iPhone’s App Store called the Relic Run developed by Simutronics. This is a single-player game that avoids the mobile games’ multiplayer model.

Plot: The plot of this game is not much talked about but the titular character Lara has to run to find clues and kill enemies in her journey.

Plot: 2/5 stars

Graphics and the Gameplay: The graphics of this game are pretty good.

There are mainly three levels of the game.

The first in Thailand. Thailand’s jungle is a place that is filled with dangerous falls, uneven landscapes, tall trees, waterfalls, and scary mountainous heights that Lara has to survive in order to play the game. Lara rides a bike in style in the jungle.

Here, there are two main enemies of Lara that hinder her mission. The first type of enemy is Lizard-men, who can be shot by Lara multiple times, and getting hit by different kinds of dangerous lizardmen reduces Lara’s power. They come regularly after runs to make Lara’s journey more difficult.

Second and the major enemy include a Dinosaur- called the boss of the Jungle. Shooting down this animal with her different weapons along with dealing with the tough typography of Thailand’s jungle is a tough and repetitive task for Lara but not impossible. If unable to shoot down this boss, it eats Lara.

After killing the boss of the jungle, Lara advances to the next level with her mission.

The second level is the desert Sahara. This beautiful desert is explored underground, on the main level, and on the wonderful roofs of the houses of the ruined town along with the hottest motorcycle ride of Lara crossing nail-like dangerous obstacles.

The enemies Lara has to shoot down are some mysterious desert men (like the previous lizard-men) haunting the paths of Lara regularly reducing her energy and obviously, the boss creature- this time a mythical Manticore.

The third and last level is the coldest region of Tibet. Lara has to survive this frozen place by crossing glass-like ice obstacles and the snow structures. Lara again rides the exciting snow bike through the high mountains. Enemies of Lara are three here- Some regularly coming small ice-spiders along with the boss Snow Beasts who Lara has to shoot down.

mobile games free
Mobile games

The list includes the boss of snow Omi Demon who has the capability to freeze Lara. After killing all the enemies and winning the challenges- all the levels of the games are finished.

Graphics: 4.9/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Levels: 2.5/5

User Experience: The places can be touched, jumped, escaped, and roped out. The heroic jumps of Lara are often played in SLO-Mo.

User Experience: 3/5

In-store: There are a lot of different Assault rifles, guns, and other weapons available for purchase in the store, and the wardrobe for Lara is a must-try thing but this game comes in the model of F2P- Free-to-Play as mobile games free.

In-store: 4/5

Our Rating: 3.4/5

Assassin’s Creed: Identity

One of the most famous adventure gaming series in the whole world Assassin’s Creed a game, developed by Ubisoft on App Store as Assassin’s Creed Identity.

App Store Rating: 4.5/5 (1.3K)

Plot: The Creed series is known to have outstanding plot lines and so this game has.

The game begins in the Italian Renaissance period of the sixteenth century. There the Assassin has to carry out different missions such as killing, fighting, searching, stealing, and disguising.

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Mobile games

Plot: 4.5/5

Graphics and Gaming: The cities of the gameplay are very beautiful filled with different shops, bridges, waters, houses, greenery, and wonderful roads. Non-playing characters fill the town completely proving this game to be one of the mobile games best.

The two main levels include “Italy- A Murder of crows”- which is a group of disguised criminals that the Assassin has to eliminate and “Forli- A Crimson Sunset” where the surviving crows need to be killed.

Graphics: 4.9/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Levels: 2.5/5

User Experience: Creators have left no stone unturned to make the player have a console-like experience and this is the first mobile game of its kind. The players can perform different operations on the Assassin to move, jump, disguise, kill, or run.

User Experience: 4.9/5

In-Store: You can choose from a variety of Assassins available along with the necessary items and weapons.

In-store: 4/5

Our Rating: 4.1/5

Grand Trunk Auto: Vice City

The series of most popular and expensive game on the planet is the Grand Theft Auto Series and they have three-part games available on the App Store to play.

The players control the missions of a criminal indulged in gang war known as Tommy Vercetti from a third-person perceptive

The Plot: After Tommy gets released from prison, he is sent to control drug operations in the city of Vice City. These missions develop extensive and interesting plot lines. game

mobile games best
Mobile games

Plot: 4.9/5

Graphics and The Gameplay: The graphics show the mesmerizing fictional city of Vice City in the decade 80s making them, in terms of graphics-mobile games best. This colorful town has tall buildings, high restaurants, clubs, stadiums, and complexes along with beautiful greenery and the sea. The non-playing characters drive luxurious cars, bikes, and boats with the adventure of boarding a plane being also there. Most gameplay comprises gang war shootings, chasing, and escaping.

Graphics: 4.9/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Levels: 4.5/5

User Experience: The controls are good but sometimes the speed of cars goes out of control which makes the player meet with an accident.

The targeted shooting makes the experience a bit difficult to overcome.

The fighter jet-playing adventures are tough to carry on.

So, the level of difficulty rises up as you advance the levels.

User Experience: 3.5/5

In-store: The three GTA games are available only in paid options i.e. they don’t come in the option of mobile games free.

In-store: 4/5

Our Rating: 4.3/5

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