Open Camera App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps 

Open Camera App Tutorial - Filming with Android Camera Apps 

Open Camera App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps 

Open Camera App Tutorial – Filming with Android Camera Apps 


Recently we did speaking about one of the best digital camera apps on Android, and we narrowed it down to 2. For free apps, we picked Open Camera, and for paid apps, we picked Cinema 4K.

we’re gonna check out all of the settings and the setup for Open Camera so to get one of the best outcomes with your movies. Now it is actually essential to notice right here that this video is not a whole assessment. It’s additionally not going to cowl off each character within the app. There’s means too many. But what we’re gonna do, is present you, step-by-step, the way to arrange an Open Camera for one of the best outcomes for filming your movies. (upbeat digital music) Now it is actually essential right here to not get overwhelmed with all of the settings and options within the app. There are so many issues that you are able to do and alter and actually tweak to get totally different outcomes. But what we’re gonna take you thru is step-by-step the settings that you must lock down into guide, and a variety of them actually replicate what you’ll discover in a DSLR or video digital camera so that you simply getting one of the best outcomes with filming your movies in your smartphones. Alright, so we’re right here in Open Camera, the primary place to begin is within the Settings menu. So we’re simply press up on Settings right here now. And it is a good suggestion to undergo all of the settings first, get these locked down earlier than we lock down your precise recording settings on the time of recording.

Open Camera App Tutorial - Filming with Android Camera Apps 

So the settings that we need to regulate right here for video are down on the backside underneath Video settings. And we’ll begin off right here on the prime with Video decision, which is the standard of the movies that we’re gonna be creating. So I’d at all times recommend that you simply choose the very best in your system. So right here we’re utilizing a Google Pixel XL which has a 4K digital camera in it. So we’ve got the power to select Ultra HD 4K. Next up is video stabilization. You can flip this characteristic on or off. If your cellphone helps it, and you are going to be strolling around or shifting round with your movies when you’re recording, then it might be a good suggestion to show this on. It will take among the shakeouts of the movies, and assist it look a bit smoother. If your video goes to be filmed on a tripod or lockdown, then I’d recommend that you simply flip this characteristic off. So flip that off right here. The subsequent factor you must set is the Video bitrate. So how this works is the upper the quantity, the upper the standard, the bigger the file measurement. So I’d advocate that right here you are utilizing at a minimal of 20 megabits per second in order that the standard is respectable. But the upper the quantity, the upper the standard. So in case you can, and your system helps it, then file at 50 megabits per second, or proper as much as 100 megabits per second. But as I stated, it will chew extra information as properly so, if you do not have a lot of recording area or free area in your cellphone, then go for 50 or 20 if you must. But in case you’ve acquired the area, the storage capability, delete no matter photographs or movies which might be in your cellphone in case you can, and movie on the highest high quality that is supported by your cellphone. So we’re gonna choose 100 megabits per second right here. Next up is the body price. This is the variety of pictures per second to make up your video. So in case, you’re in Australia or the UK, you then need to be deciding on 25 frames per second. If you are within the US, you then need 30 frames per second. Now as soon as once more, relying upon your cellphone, you may as well choose increased body charges, so 25 and 30 are commonplace body charges for video, however, you may as well choose 60, 96, 100, or 120, and even increased relying on the cellphone so, issues like 120 frames per second are classed as a sluggish movement. So, relying on your cellphone, relying on what it is able to, you might even see some totally different choices right here.

But only for creating common movies, 25 in case you’re in Australia or the UK, or 30 in case you’re within the US, could be one of the best beginning places. Now it is a good suggestion to examine the utmost period of the video right here, and be sure that it is set to limitless. The very last thing you need to have occurred is you are midway via a video and discover that you’ve got hit a restrict that you simply did not know existed. So, set it to limitless, and you will not have an issue. And it is also a good suggestion to disable Restart on most file measurement, so we are able to flip that off on the aspect there. Now it would be best to be sure that recording audio is enabled so that you’ll get audio via both from the constructed-in microphone in your system or from an exterior microphone. And then, on the subsequent one down, we’re gonna choose the Audio supply. So we open that up, and we get to decide on Camcorder, which is the constructed-in microphone in your system, External microphone in case you’ve acquired a plugin microphone or a lapel microphone that you simply gonna plug instantly into your cellphone, or you may simply choose Default audio supply, and whichever is plugged in will work. So if you do not have a microphone plugged in, it’s going to routinely default to the inner microphone. If you plug in an exterior microphone, then it should default to that. Personally, I do not like leaving any of those settings as much as the app to resolve. So for me, I’m gonna be utilizing an exterior microphone, I’ll choose External microphone. So these are all of the settings that you must change to get one of the best outcomes. Now there are a variety of different settings right here, and particularly again on this different menu, if you would like to tweak and refine the app additional for you, however with reference to creating superior movies, these are those that it’s a must to lockdown. Okay, so now we’re gonna lock down all of the settings for our present shot. So on the prime right here, we are able to swap between the entrance digital camera and again digital camera. The subsequent one throughout right here we’ll swap between picture and video. So clearly we’re gonna need video-enabled. Next, up we’re gonna regulate the White steadiness, or the color temperature of our shot and lock that down. So if we come up right here to the three dots, you may see right here that is what comes up. We’ve acquired our Camera decision and Video decision in order that we are able to shortly examine that our digital camera is ready for the appropriate decision. And you may see our White steadiness right here is ready to auto. Now, have a mess around right here and see which is one of the best on the location of your taking pictures. These are the identical presets that you simply discover in most cameras. So for us, we’re gonna lock down fluorescent. Because that matches the lights that we’re utilizing on this scene. Now you do not need to go away this set to auto, as a result of which means probably the colors may very well be modified all through your filming, which is not supreme. You’ll additionally get the choice in right here for various scenes, issues like landscapes, snow, seashore, different methods you can lock down your colors, and you may as well apply totally different shade results if you would like to right here. Personally, I’d keep away from all the color results, and even the scenes. I’d simply stick with the White steadiness settings.

The subsequent factor that we have to lock down is the publicity or the brightness of the shot. Now, we are able to press up right here, and we are able to slide this to make it darker or brighter, however, the place I’d advocate that you simply begin is definitely by referring to areas of the display, to select the areas that you simply need to expose for. So you may choose the world of the display, that matches the brightness that you simply after. And then in case you’re after additional adjustment, then come up right here and slide this slider up, or all the way down to make remaining changes. Once you are comfortable with the general brightness, or the publicity of the shot, then press the little padlock up right here, and that can lock your publicity. Then the very last thing that we have to lock down is our focus, so if I click on these three dots up, right here once more, this second row right here, with the infinity, macro, and lock is the main focus settings. So a is for auto, and it will set your digital camera focus to be routinely altering. The subsequent one is infinity, which can set it to the furthest focus level doable. Macro will set it to an in-depth focus level, and the padlock will lock down our focus. So what we’ll do right here to lock down the main focus, I’ll convey my hand in right here, we’ll deal with my hand, after which we come up right here to the three dots, and we’ll select lock focus. So now our focus is locked at that time. So regardless of the place we transfer our digital camera or regulate our shot, that’s now our locked off focus level. So these are all of the settings that you must regulate, and to lock down for finest outcomes with Open Camera. Now yet one more fast tip earlier than you file your movies is that you simply do a fast check, so file a 15 to 20-second clip to be sure that your audio is working, that your shot is wanting the way in which that you really want. Play it again, ensure you’re comfortable with it earlier than you get into your full recording. So there you might have it.

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