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Sale marketing

50 Marketing Definitions A Must Know Every Marketing and Sales Strategist is now available to anyone who is currently working in the field, but who may not be in the moment.
It is easy to understand.

1. Marketing
Identifying customer needs; Prediction, It means the process by which a profit can be achieved.
2. Lead
It means someone or a company that is interested in your product or service.
3. Top of the Funnel (TOFU)
Sales mean people who are at the top of a sharp point. They are also the early adopters of the buying journey. These are the people who are looking for a solution to their recent problems. As a result, Marketer creates TOFU content that helps them identify problems and solve problems.
4. Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)
After the customer has acknowledged that there is a problem or problem, Sales is in the middle of the deal. It is also a step toward showing that your product or service can solve the problem.
5. Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)
This is a later stage of the buying journey. Lead leads through the top of the pod (finding the problem) through the middle (finding a product or service that can be solved) and is ready to buy at the bottom. At this stage, leads can be demoed, demoed, or displayed. Making appointments; Interested in getting free consultations.
6. Conversion Path
A route or action that changes the product or service from the person who is interested in being the customer. Call to action in Conversion Path Lead Form Thank You, Page, And download content (white paper, e-book), etc.
7. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
This means that the lead is ready to be transferred to the Sales Team. Positive relationships about the business, for example, interesting questions about the product; He is a Marketing Qualified Lead and is ready to be transferred to the Sales Team.

8. Demographics
People are of different ages, ages, and ages. Male and female ratios; Income Family Model It means to be identified by social class, social norms, etc. Used in marketing and advertising strategies.
9. Geographic Segmentation
Target Audience It means grouping based on location.
Niche Market / Business
The specific part of a market that wants to meet market demand (for example, the consumer market and the football player market).

11. Margin
Deduct the cost of selling the product or service and the remaining profit (from that sale)
12. Monthly Recurring Revenue
This means the monthly income received from customers who use your product or service.

13. Cost-Based Pricing
Defines a system for determining the price of a product or service based on operating costs.
14. Market-Based Pricing
Defines a pricing system based on the market price of other products or services of the same market.

15. Business-to-Business (B2B)
A type of product or service intended for business purposes.
16. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
A type of product or service intended for the end-user. For example, Apple

17. Cost Per Lead (CPL)
This means the cost of acquiring a potential customer. One of the areas that should be kept in mind is that this is influenced by customer Acquisition cost.
18. Customer Acquisition Cost
This means the cost to convert a potential customer into a customer. The amount of money a customer spends in a given period is calculated by dividing the number of new clients received during that period.
This is an important measure of business growth.

19. Analytics
The number of people who visit the website for more effective marketing activities in the future means analyzing data from social media and others.
20. Cold Calling
You can call a stranger by phone or in person. It means explaining the work in person or in person.
21. Forecasting
This means predicting the future of Marketing and Sales trends. Most of the time Number Estimated based on quality data.
Lead Nurturing
It means building strong relationships with potential customers using marketing methods.
23. Market Development
This means penetrating an existing product or service into a new market.
24. Market Penetration
This means a strategy used to increase the supply of goods sold in the current market.
25. Market Research
It means systematic research to make good decisions in the relevant industry.
26. New Product Development
Doing research; Manufacturing; Test; This means creating a new product with introductory distribution stages.
27. Buyer Persona
It is based on market research and information gathering that best describes the characteristics of the customer that best fit his or her business. Marketers use these features to identify the right audience and sellers determine the customer’s potential.

28. Advertising
Newspapers, newspapers, and magazines are paid to get people’s attention. Journal Advertise via TV
29. Comparative Advertising
Advertising refers to the product or service of another business. Examples: Apple, Companies like Samsung often advertise their phones with other phones.

30. Direct Marketing
It means direct marketing of your product/service without using an intermediary.
31. Digital Marketing (Online Marketing)
It means marketing to a target audience via the Internet. Email Marketing Content Marketing, etc.
32. Inbound Marketing
Advertising means using content marketing, podcasts, video, eBooks, email broadcasts, SEO, social marketing, and so on.
33. Internal Marketing
Marketing your marketing plan It means trying to reach out and agree with colleagues.

34. Blogging
Individuals Not only small businesses, but large corporations also provide articles, articles, and articles for their respective fields. This means posting comments on your own website. Blogging is an important part of Inbound Marketing and it is designed to increase the number of people who visit their own websites. It aims to increase customer confidence in the business and increase the potential for customers to become customers.
35. Evergreen Content
The writing of content that will benefit the reader for many years to come.
36. Hashtag
Keyword # with frontal and keywords written with no spaces
By doing so, you can communicate with your audience by topic on social media.
37. Infographic
Illustrated graphic and textual illustrations to help you understand complex information
38. Engagement Rate
Likes for receiving content Shares This means that the audience’s content is measured or measured based on the number of comments.
39. Keyword
A phrase or a phrase that refers to a subject described on a Webpage. These keywords should match the target audience.

40. Conversion Rate
Not only visit the website or the page, but also the actions that are taken from those pages: Registration; Percentage of people who make a newsletter
41. Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
This means the performance measurement system. The quality of staff performance can be measured broadly from the effectiveness of the marketing approach. Implementation plans can be implemented through effective monitoring of KPIs.

42. Brand
A term that refers to a product or service or service.
43. Direct Competition
It means a competitor that offers the exact same product or service as its business.
44. Customer Loyalty
It means the repeated purchase of a product or service by the customer.
45. Point Of Contact (POC)
It means the person who makes a marketing or sales decision or a consultant in a company or organization.

46. ​​Portfolio
Terms of Use that may be used to explain to customers potential customers.
47. Direct Mail
It means advertising through potential mailers to become customers of the business.
48. Corporate Identity
The symbol of a business; Color Refers to all trademark design.
49. E-Commerce
It means selling goods on the Internet.
50. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A Software that helps you manage your marketing and sales activities. Save contact information Email tracking These include activities such as saving sales contracts.
So far, many marketing and sales terminology are well-known, and it is believed that it can be applied well, either in writing or in the workplace. This article is for you as well as for your friends who are learning Marketing & Sales.


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