The best new Android apps of 2020-New android apps

The best new Android apps of 2020-New android apps 

The best new Android apps of 2020-New android apps

The best new Android apps of 2020-New android apps

once again time to round up the best application games and productivity tools that you should download and check out on your Android device. This year it’s worth pointing out that none of these apps on this list are sponsored in any way and each and every application has been genuinely picked by me to be included in this article. So without further ado let’s get started for those of us with the devices yet to be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo or perhaps using a phone that places a less than desirable custom skin over stock Android.

material notification shade

The material notification shade is an absolute must-have application. This app replaces your device’s stock notification shade seamlessly with a notification shade, that closely resembles the one found on stock Android features. The familiar six quick toggle shortcuts at the first swipe and then as you swipe down a second time. We see the familiar stock notification layer. There’s also a good selection of customization options such as, adjusting the notification shade background and toggle colors as well as adjusting the position of the brightness. Slider plus help more and the app really does work very seamlessly. It is important to highlight that the toggles will not work quite as well as your stock notification shades toggles. But that is due to the limitation that comes with running and overlay apps. Such as this in saying that the app receives regular updates that keep on making the app better and better.

The best new Android apps of 2020-New android apps 1

pixel launcher 

so this app is definitely worth trying out replicating the pixel launcher look and feel is all the Krays these days. but for me whilst I love the uniform circle icons. There’s just something a little boring about them, as a result, the Crichton icon pack has since become my new favorite icon pack as not only does it keep the rounded shape for each and every icon. but it then has this pastel color palette as well. which looks much more visually pleasing in my opinion. There are over 4,000 high-quality icons in this pack with heaps and heaps of alternative icons for most applications. So it’s one of the more extensive icon packs available as well there are also over 60 high-quality wallpapers.if you into that as well but overall this icon pack has quickly become on you go to. If you’re into customization and trying out different home screen launches then you may have already heard of this app.

Hyperion launcher

our next pick is Hyperion launcher. It was one of a few notable launchers, that also included rootless launcher and lean launcher. We just kind of liked Hyperion launcher the best out of the bunch. It features a buttery smooth UI plenty of customization elements and an optional Google feed plugin. If you want the whole experience although the plug-in requires a little extra work. You can check the Play Store listing for more details. So what do you get here well? The customization options are numerous and fun it includes support for third-party icon packs as well as custom fonts accent themes and the usual array of little things like desktop dock and app drawer grid sizes. You also get some simple but effective gesture controls along with more advanced icon customization and animations look here.

Grammarly keyboard

keyboard arrives on the Play Store Grammarly keyboard was technically a 2017 release but we cut off our submission time sometime in mid-December. So this happens occasionally. anyway, Grammarly keyboard is an outstanding keyboard and unless I miss something arguably the best one of 2019. This keyboard does a lot of stuff right. It’s an excellent smooth typing experience that doesn’t feel too bloated or ridiculous. That constantly working grammar engine checks every sentence for proper grammar as well as proper spelling. It’ll give the reason for each grammar change as well just in case the meaning isn’t clear and this is easily one of the best autocorrect systems.


proton VPN 

This one does VPNs are kind of a big deal. These days people use them to avoid issues at public Wi-Fi hotspots like the airport or Starbucks. They encrypt your traffic, they help keep hackers away from your precious data and keep your activities private from your internet service provider. Most of the time there were two good VPNs launched in 2019 and they were proton VPN and of course VPN hub from the venerable port hub.but for this list. we choose proton VPN.let’s start with the good stuff first proton VPN hits every checkmark for what makes a VPN good. that includes a strict no-logging policy strong encryption and it’s based in Switzerland.which has some seriously good privacy protection laws. The UI is simple it’s a little boring and it has one of the best free versions that I’ve ever seen. You don’t get the maximum speeds but you do get unlimited free bandwidth with no advertising or anything to gum up the works. The pro version is inexpensive compared to many of its competitors and includes faster speeds and more servers.

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