Top 10 Android Apps of April 2020


Top 10 Android Apps of April 2020

Top 10 Android Apps of April 2020

The month of May is coming to an end meaning. We get to reflect on our favorite Android apps to hit the Play Store during the month without further ago.

Holy Light

let’s get started Holy Light is one of two apps exclusive for the Samsung galaxy s 10.what’s neat about this particular app is that. It’ll create a ring of light around the camera cutout. When you have a notification acting as a modern LED notification light, that’s not found very often on smartphones. These days you can customize the colors for each app. You have and fine-tune things like the speed the size and the position, it’ll even work when the screen is off, but if you do decide to use this when the screen is off. It will use it more battery and it does require the always-on display to be turned on the other s10 app.

energy ring

we have is called an energy ring, while similar to the previous app instead of displaying a notification alert. It will display a ring that indicates the current battery level of your device. If you have a full charge the ring will be a 360-degree wrap around the front camera lens. You can configure the size of the ring you can customize the direction of the ring and which way it depletes this is a really neat app.

Grand Mountain

I think every galaxy has to notice should have Grand Mountain is one of the best skiing games on the Play Store offering beautiful graphics and visuals and just fun relaxing gameplay. There are five mountains to explore more than 70 challenges to compete in and tons of secret places to discover. It’s a fun game to just help you relax and unwind at the end of the day and just ski around a map and go wherever you want. You don’t have to just follow the path.


You can ski wherever atmosphere weather is one of the coolest weather apps.I’ve seen offering a wealth of information at a glance. There’s a big deal with all kinds of information inside are the forecast temperatures of your area, while the outside numbers represent the time of the day via a 24-hour clock just inside that ring is a panel that shows you, if there’s overcast or blue skies or something in between Blue is for blue skies grey is for overcast. You can swipe vertically to see wind relative humidity and weather and swiping left at the bottom. Here lets you see the seven-day forecast this app definitely has a bit of a learning curve. but it’s really neat and it offers a ton of weather-related information for all of you whether.

True bill

True bill budget planner is a new budget planning application on the Play Store. That’s designed to save you money what I like about this app is. It’s pretty simple, it has a modern layout and there is analytics that uses pie charts and graphs which I really love to help. You see what your spending habits are like, what makes this app particularly unique is its ability to help you negotiate your bills for you so. For example, if you have a really high $200 a month. Comcast bill this app will help you to negotiate it down a little bit. Maybe it’ll save you 10 to 20 dollars or more every single month. It’s pretty great and they say that it had they have a 95% success rate at negotiating your bill the downside though is that the premium version it costs thirty-six dollars or about five dollars a month.


PGA Tour golf

PGA Tour golf shootout is one of the funniest golfing games to hit the Play Store, There’s really not that time. I can say about this game just that the graphics are great and there’s a bunch of golf clubs to collect enough grade mon challenges to beat and you can’t play against real people from around the world via the versus mode. If you’re in golf and you like what you see.



check out this app laughable is an app. I can recommend to anyone looking for new comedy podcasts. This app will help you follow comedians across the podcast universe and allow you to subscribe to a sleet’s actors musicians and more, I have found a lot of funny podcasts that I never knew existed thanks to this app. It’s pretty great, now I’m a man of many talents.but one of the things I lack is the ability to play a musical instrument complete music reading trainer is an app, that I’ve been using and plan on using more to learn, how to read music.

Complete music reader

what’s neat about this app is it’s designed like a video game with a bunch of different lessons to help learn there are 270 progressive drills covering all seven clefts over three levels and 26 chapters a clef that’s Clef for those not musically inclined is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes there are a bunch of different sheet music display styles and achievements to unlock if you’ve been meaning to read music now is your chance light beam is a screen-sharing app.

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