Top 10 coolest android apps of 2020

Top 10 coolest android apps of 2020

Top 10 coolest android apps of 2020

Best Mobile is 2020 – Top 10 coolest android apps of 2020

I’ve got a list of six really cool and free Android apps that you’ll definitely want to check out if you don’t have them already. And these won’t be in any special order, they’re all pretty cool. Anyway, let’s get into it.
This is a list of some apps that are very popular and highly recommended……

2.Flow by Amazon
3.neat one
4.Mr. Number
6.Parallel Space

Top 10 coolest android apps of 2020  


First up, Snapseed. This is probably one of the best if not THE best photo editing apps I’ve come across so far, and it’s actually made by Google themselves. The reason I think it’s so great is that it has all the basic photo adjustments like brightnesscontrast, saturationwhite balancesharpness, and everything else you’d expect, but it also has some really cool advanced tools as well. For example, it has curves adjustment, so you can finely tune the brightness and contrast. And possibly the coolest tool is the “perspective” tool, which warps the image in such a way that kind of makes it look like you took the photo from another angle, and automatically fixes the cropped edges too. Pretty awesome. And of course, it has a ton of premade filters as well you can use. So if you like taking photos and need just a bit more control, this is something to check out.

Flow by Amazon

Next up number two, is Flow by Amazon. This app is more or less a glorified barcode scanner, but it can definitely be useful in certain situations. Basically what you do is point the camera at a barcode for some product, and it will look up what the thing is, then show you the price on Amazon. You can scan things back to back, and it also makes a list of the things you just scanned. What I typically use this for is when I’m in a store looking to buy something, and I want to know if I can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Number three is a neat one. This is one I’ve talked about before, it’s an App by Google where they occasionally ask you some survey questions, and then give you Google Play Store credit in exchange. The surveys are typically very short and easy like you might answer two multiple-choice questions and get 50 cents credit. So it’s not like you’re going to make a lot from it, but it can add up over time. I’ve had the app for a couple years and earned about 50 bucks total, and it’s kinda nice to have some credit on your account if you come across a paid app you want. Though the surveys seem to come pretty randomly, some times I’ve gotten multiple surveys in one day, other times there are weeks between surveys.

Mr. Number

Next, number four, “Mr. Number”. This is a great app for identifying and blocking potential spam or scam phone calls. It has a bunch of different settings that allow you to filter phone calls from numbers that are known scams, suspected spam, or even unknown hidden callers. But what’s more useful is that if you get a call from a number you don’t know, you can look at reports about that number from other users on the app. For example, you might look up a number and see everyone reporting that it’s a credit card offer, or that they called about some other scam. And if you really want to lock things down, you can just have it block calls from any number that’s not in your contacts at all, but that would be an extreme case I think. It’s worth checking out.


Number five, Feedly. This is a newsreader app that gives you all the news stories and articles from any news sources you choose. And in addition to the app, you can use their website as well, So I have a few different groups set up for different categories, like all the technology news in one, science in the other, that sort of thing. It’s like a much better version of the old RSS feeds you used to see. The interface is nice, it shows you a little header image that goes with the article so you don’t have to just read the headlines. So it’s a great way to quickly get all the news you want to know about without having to check every website individually.

Parallel Space

Moving on, number six, Parallel Space. This is definitely one of my favorites just because it’s so unique. This app allows you to clone apps on your phone and run similar apps on your Android.

This means if you have an app that only allows you to log in to one account at once, you can clone it and have one logged into one account, and a second with another account. For example, you may have seen in previous videos I have two Snapchat icons on my phone, one is just Snapchat, and the other is “Snapchat Plus”, and the plus one is just a cloned version. So one is my public account and another is my private account, and I don’t have to log out to switch between them, I just launch one or the other. To use it you just open it up, pick an app you want to clone, and then it does it. It’s not perfect though, and sometimes the cloned apps just won’t work.

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