Top 10 new apps for Dubai Users

Top 10 new apps for Dubai Users

Top 10 new apps for Dubai Users

Top 10 new apps for Dubai Users

First of all, I want to say that if you are planning to move to Dubai, you are looking for a job here or maybe you’ve started looking for a job here, but you have no success and you don’t know where to start? Hopefully, this article will help you with your job search It’s completely free of charge, so you can watch it right now and this will be about Top 10 apps, which will make your life easier in Dubai and some of them will help you even to save some money.

Dubai Now

Let’s start with my favorite app, which is called Dubai Now. This app makes my life so much easier guys and I think it makes life easier of all residents in Dubai because you can pay all your bills through this app you can pay your DU, Etisalat, DEWA bills, you can top up Salik, you can pay for your parking you can check the streets speed limit, you can call a taxi, you can check prayer times, you can find the nearest ATM, petrol station, you can do so many things through this app and I advise you to download this app if you live in Dubai because it will save you a lot of time.


Now let’s move to the next app, which is called Careem. Guys public transport is not really developed in Dubai, so you cannot reach many destinations without a car and in this case, you have to call a taxi. Careem is one of the best options. It’s a local provider, which works like Uber. So you always can take a regular taxi, RTA taxi, but if you are a tourist in Dubai or you don’t know the direction, it’s better to call Careem taxi, because Careem drivers use GPS, regular RTA drivers don’t use GPS and if they don’t know the direction, you can get lost and waste your time on finding the destination point.

Google Maps

The next app is related to the previous one If you need to find a direction and use Google Maps, but you don’t have data on your phone, don’t worry, there is always a solution. Just download HERE WE GO app. It allows you to download the map of the city and use it offline anytime you need it. App #4 is called The Entertainer. I’m a big fan of this app because I can save quite a lot of money for the whole year. It’s a ‘Buy one get one free’ concept, which you can use at different restaurants, spa, entertainment venues, and the list of venues is quite huge.

Top 10 new apps for Dubai Users


App #5 is called Groupon, I think you’ve heard about it because it’s an international application. This app has different daily deals on different things to see, eat, and buy in the UAE. So if you are a resident in Dubai or you’re a visitor, you can make some great savings on expensive experiences.


App #6 is called Beam and it’s one of the most popular apps in Dubai at the moment. It’s a mobile wallet app in the UAE You can pay with Beam at petrol stations, restaurants, shops, it’s very easy to use, you just need to tap your phone on Beam terminal and you are done. And you can find Beam terminals almost in every supermarket now Also you can pay for your petrol at the petrol station and you don’t need to leave your car. And the most important thing that Beam allows you to earn rewards. So every time, when you pay with the Beam, you will automatically earn a percentage of your spending back as a reward.

Brunchy App Dubai

If you like to go out for brunch, dinner, night club make sure you have this app installed on your phone. This app is called Brunchy App Dubai. It allows you to find different live deals across the city and happy hours, ladies nights, brunches, pool days, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always find different deals near you right now. The next app is called Eat Easily. It’s a great application for both residents and tourists. If you feel hangover, sick or you are tired and you don’t feel like going out for dinner or lunch, this app gives you access to a wide range of takeaway restaurants. So it’s a very convenient way to order your food.


Application #9 is called Vaniday. I think this application is the most useful for newbies in the city and especially ladies because you can book different beauty services, spa, and wellness treatments through this app. If you’re new in Dubai and you don’t know any specialist it’s a great place to find the right one, so you can discover a wide range of beauty salons in Dubai, check availability, book a treatment just with a few clicks and even pay online, so check it out.

Just Mop

And the last app #10 is called Just Mop. If you need to clean your messy apartment after your home party or you’re looking for a cleaner for your home or office, you can do it easily just with a few clicks through this app. So, guys, these were my Top 10 useful apps for people who live in Dubai. I will leave the links to these apps in the description below, so check them out. And if you know any other apps, please share them in the comments below. And thank you for watching, I will see you in the next video.




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