Top 5 must-have android apps of 2020

Top 5 must-have android apps of 2020

Top 5 must-have Android apps of 2020-New android apps May 2020.

Top 5 must-have Android apps of 2020-New android apps May 2020.

Hello friends, Now I find top useful apps for you, and u will enjoy it after reading and trying this.
2.edge mask app
4.alarm clock out


The first up in the list is called creative and it’s got an amazing set of wallpapers. I mean something that I’ve never seen before and I’m being honest you’re I’ve tried a lot of wallpaper apps. These wallpapers have a really nice pixel face tell effect and there are also some that have this low poly wallpaper is that I really like they look really minimal. but yeah there are some fancy ones that look beautiful as well you can download them. save them to your gallery, you can bookmark them and you could also see some information regarding the author as well and it’s got a bit of more stuff. So it’s got some ringtones that you can download for free there are home screen setups that you could look at get inspired and change those to on your the premium version costs a buck and a half and that gives you quite a bit of stuff as well. So go ahead and try it out.

Top 5 must-have android apps of 2020

edge mask 

The next one is called the edge mask and it does two things it gives you amazing notification styles. So one of them is this, which is probably its own flagship notification style. You can change the color is the transparency, how long it should be shown for, and what size it should have so that’s pretty cool. Now it’s got some more notification styles, so it’s got this big icon style which is just about okay. My favorite is a bookmark style just, because it’s so sleek and it comes from the side like that like a ribbon. It’s got a Samsung message style and if you’re an Apple fan. You’d probably have an Apple phone but yeah it’s still there for you and you can you know change the for the background color. The text color the size and all of that, The other thing is you can get the edge lighting that you get with you to know the galaxy of 10 plus or the s9 the s8 yeah it’s all. There so you can set the color is the duration the size. You can mix two colors If you want you can have you know one of those really fancy rainbow colors. but yeah and you can go app-specific also that’s really nice you can set the duration and size of this too.

next app

The next app is called around sound and it’s one-button access to enabling voice recording. So any sound that you want to record or any voice that you want to record. It happens right upfront. So you just press one button it starts recording and then you can tap on it again to stop recording. of course, all your recordings go into the app and you could pause. You could bookmark certain sections of that recording or you could just hit stop and it’ll save inside your gallery. You could share it directly or you could just access the list from the app.

alarm clock 

The next app is a pretty simple one. It’s an alarm clock and when the alarm goes off, it just plays a YouTube video of your choice. So when you set up the alarm, you could select the video by searching YouTube from within the app and once you choose that video. It’s gonna show that thumbnail and that’s it you know. You could edit it if you want you could just turn it on. Go to sleep and you would wake up to that video or of course that sound that music and there are a couple of settings available for you. So you can set the volume in the fade-in duration. All that’s under your control the same thing can be done using modify app.but instead of YouTube you could set up songs to play on your Spotify app.but conversely.If you’re one of those guys, who listen to music while going to sleep and then your music player just goes on and on whether it’s YouTube Spotify your built-in music player, then sleep timer is the app for you. So it couldn’t it can turn off the screen for you after a certain duration of time. It can turn off Wi-Fi or it could just turn off your Bluetooth or just go into silent mode and there are a bunch of more settings. For example, you can choose the extension length of the timer. You can choose to fade out and you can set your favorite music player as default player to launch. When you set the timer, So you know whether it’s you your music Spotify or anything else.


coming to the next one. I get a bunch of notifications throughout the day and trust me guys I get so distracted with that because you know, it’s sort of that fear of missing out sort of a thing, I just have to check and that’s where message portal comes into play its clubs. All notifications from a single person or a single app in one place and I can access them later and then I can choose to reply from within the app. I don’t even have to go inside that app to do that now. You can choose which all notifications must be blocked by the app for later viewing and you can make some exceptions to the last one in the list is a game technically it’s not an app it’s called pinout and it’s just a twist of the game pinball now I was a child. I used to play pinball a lot on Microsoft Windows 95.when it first came out and I was so excited and you know just playing this game. now it sort of brings that nostalgia and me and that’s why, I thought I’d share it with you guys, so great graphics really good music. So do plug in your earphones while you’re playing, it gets tougher it gets faster it gets more exciting and there are quite a few power-ups. Now this is just you know to give you a sense of how much the game can really go and that’s just one and it goes to two and three and yeah as. I said you know the levels get faster they get more difficult and just try it out. You know I really hope that you guys like this too. So guys those with the top apps rather top apps and one game for 2019 help you guys really enjoyed.

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