Top 7 Horror Games to play on App Store

Top Seven Horror Games to play on App Store

App Store contains n number of games of every genre but when it comes to horror, App Store doesn’t disappoint even if compared to horror games on PS4. Let it be a psychopath or a zombie or an evil entity, check out our list of horror games on the App Store to fill your heart with thrill and make you shiver with the jumpscares.

Evil Nun: The Horror’s Creed

App Store Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(907)

Launched in 2018, Evil Nun Scary School Game or often termed Evil Nun 1 is one the most haunting games to play on the gaming store. Developed by Keplerians from Spain, this scary game has been played by 50 million players worldwide. This is a single-player gamer where the gamer has to survive the game in the first person.

These evil nun games have become so popular that they have been made into horror games on PS4. The plot follows a school named Eagle’s Junior High school which is a big school comprising of too many rooms, washrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, a playing ground, a library, an underground sewage system, mysterious rooms, a graveyard, and the room where Evil Nun-Sister Madeline does black magic and worships the devil “Baphomet”.

When playing the game, you can choose from modes like Ghost, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme modes as the school gets dark with the toughness of each level. The main goal of the game is to escape the school without getting killed by the nun- 4 or 5 lives are available before the game gets over.

There are other characters in the game too who don’t speak such as the other nun who isn’t evil and the handicapped boy. The type of escape from the school is of four types which is a group escape.

As the player advances in the game, the player discovers that the nun has trapped other children in the school as slaves and by completing some small missions player can successfully escape the school along with the trapped school children as the Evil Nun watches them escape in Balloon in complete shock and anger.

The graphics of the game are on point and there is so much to explore in the school while completing the missions-So, this game makes up our list of best horror on the App Store.

Ice Scream Games

Avg. App Store Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Developed again by Horror Master Keplerians, this is a complete set of games in a series. These games are available in parts 1,2,.. so on and have been recorded in the list of the most played horror games on the App Store. This is a single-player adventure game where the player is on a mission to save someone and solve a mystery while surviving the attacks of the main antagonist Ice Cream Man-Rod.

The plot of every game in general follows a story where an Ice Cream Seller appears nice to the kids in town but is actually evil and kidnaps and captures the kids in town while serving them Ice Cream. Rod makes ice cream in the different areas of the town travels in a van and does some spells to freeze the kids.

The player appears to be a friend of the kidnapped child going on a mission to save him. The game involves different kinds of places where the player has to solve missions to get some items which eventually lead to the rescue of the captured friend. Moreover, the player gets to discover the truth behind Rod and his relationship with the Sullivan Family- a dark past and a factory where he has mysterious evil helpers.

The player has to survive the attacks by Rod as he comes after some time the player makes a sound move. The player has to hide from him directly as he kills the player instantly several times before the game is over. Available to play in easy, normal, and hard modes, this game has so many impressive levels and places in town to explore that will keep you hooked and make you download all these games in sequential order to keep your heart on your sleeve.

Granny Games

App Store Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3.9K)

Developed in 2017 by Dennis Vukanovic is a single-player horror-survival game in which the player has to survive the attacks of an Evil Granny.

The plot of the game is unclear from the start that how the player got trapped in the hands of the granny- it is shown that the player is running through the woods and gets attacked by the granny. Granny possibly drags the player to the house and runs some errands. This is the time when the player arises from the state of unconsciousness and starts to escape.

The Player has to move around the house very carefully as the granny hears every sound and comes to attack the player with only 6 days to escape the house. As the player advances down to explore the house, the player notices that others have been trapped in the past too.

The player can complete the challenges to find the key and escape the house. In later versions of the game, Granny gets added with an additional character Granpa who is equally as sinister as the granny but is short of hearing. The Player has to play very intelligently to complete the challenges of the game to escape gracefully via a helicopter or a motorboat.

The final game of this series draws a direct relationship with Slenderina, the gaming horror series coming from the same developer, as slenderina is revealed to be Granny’s granddaughter. However, the final version did not make it to the App Store as it is only available on the Google play store.

The reason is apple’s gaming policies. Still, granny remains one of the most celebrated free horror games to play on the App Store along with the slenderina series.

Dead Trigger 2: Zombies

App Store Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.⭐️ (7.3K)

MADFINGER Games developed this Editor’s choice-winning first-person Zombie survival horror video game. The in-general plotline revolves around a dystopian world that is attacked by zombies virus developing into giant mutants with only a few humans surviving the apocalypse.

The player has to complete different missions of different campaigns such as the USA campaign, Africa Campaign, China-Hi Shanghai, Europe Campaign, and South America Campaign. Going through these different places the player aims to kill zombies and help to save survivors.

This game is easier to play as it is very easy to shoot the zombie as it comes in the target range because, in other games, the zombie has to be aimed at directly-chances are that they could escape the assault as well. In this game, there has to be no aim kept at the zombie as such making the experience more user-friendly and less tiring.

This game doesn’t completely come into the model of Free to play games as most horror games for free are listed here. There are a lot of assault weapons available from the store such as different rifles, guns, grenades, exploding chickens, and health pills to restore energy.

Into the Dead 2

App Store Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.⭐️ (4.3K)

Provided by Prodigy Design Limited T/A Sidhe Interactive, this game is a zombie apocalypse single-player game as our list does not contain any horror games multiplayers.

The main plotline of the game is that the player here is named James, the man who is titular character is a man who tries to reach his family  You have to play as James runs endlessly to kill any zombie that comes with the weapons.

Scary Teacher 3D

App Store Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (10K)

Ever thought of that one teacher who always made you cry in school? Well, if yes this GenlTeam LLC game is for you. You have to play this as a single-player and the titular character is an unnamed girl.

This teacher, known as Miss T, is your high school back-then a cruel teacher who threatens and tortures kids including innocent pets but one day your paths cross again as she is your latest neighbor.

Remembering the days of irritation, you have now decided to teach her a lesson by entering her house and scaring her. The house is a massive house with 15 rooms and a lot of puzzles to solve along with a basement that holds some secrets.

This is a subscription-based game which doesn’t make it a horror game for free.

Hello Neighbor

App Store Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (2K)

This tinyBuild LLC game is a horror game that feeds an unnamed player’s- curiosity about finding out what your creepy neighbor does in his secretive house. A criminal or a satanist- It is only you who can find out!

PS: Don’t forget to use earphones for the full experience.

There are a lot of horror games available on the App Store but these are the hot picks that most people download and make it to the top of search results.

Want to know more about these games, Check out our blogs to explore the plot and experiences of different games.

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