Top 8 Must- For 2020-best android apps

Top 8 Must-Have Android Apps For 2020-best android apps

Top 8 Must- For 2020-best android apps

Top 8 Must- For 2020-best android apps

There are a lot of applications on the Google Play Store. And the best ones, that are actually helpful, are difficult to locate. So here some Android apps that you must have on your Android device. Being a tech lover, I have used all sorts of smartphones – Samsung, Pixel, Redmi – all with different Android skins. But when it comes to my own phone.

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Top 8 Must-Have Android Apps For 2020-best android apps

Niagara Launcher

Right off the bat, I install the Niagara Launcher. I mean, look at it. Be it an INR 50,000 (~ $718) phone or INR 10,000 (~ $143), Niagara launcher just beautifies the entire experience. Of course, there are some cutdowns for being a minimalistic launcher like you can have only a few apps on the front. But that’s the goal right here. To add some breathing space on your home screen. Now, I don’t use Facebook messenger app but there is one thing I always loved about it and that is the small little chat heads. I mean notice how easy it is to access other things and get back to the conversation.

Direct Chat

So how about getting this feature for every other chatting app. Here is Direct Chat. An amazing app just gives the necessary permissions and you get the same chat heads for apps like Instagram, Telegram, and more. It’s pretty flexible too. So you can add your own apps, get into the settings, and maybe tweak the size, color, there is a lot of stuff here.


White Noise Generator

So this app is called, White Noise Generator, white noise because it has a number of soothing and relaxing ambient sounds – — as it has sounds of raindrops, burning wood, moving train, etc. Btw, I like to listen to burning wood sounds when I am trying to write something or maybe when I want to relax; it’s a total stress buster for me. You could be a different one. And, you can even mix two-three sounds. Maybe the sound of rain with birds chirping in a forest or any other combinations. It’s up to you, just don’t forget to save it.

Google CAM

If your phone camera app has disappointed you, like a lot of times. Then you should definitely give Google CAM a try, I mean Google Camera. And this is something that will change how your phone clicks pictures. The only thing it’s not available on Google Play Store, so you will have to jump on this XDA page then download the app for your phone follow the instructions if there are any, and only then, only then you can get these amazing shots. But don’t you think, with this kind of difference, the app is worth downloading? Of course, it is! Here is Yetnesh who likes to have a timetable of everything – when to drink water, when to eat, when to get back on gaming, when to poop like everything so if you are like him, here is an app that you will love.



Anyway, on a serious note — Sectograph adds a clock on your home screen which shows all your scheduled events, meetings, all with different colors. Through which, you can keep the track of your day. Plus it’s on the home screen so there is no chance of missing things. Also, Sectograph is integrated with your default calendar, which in most cases is Google Calendar, so it will automatically show your events on the clock. Every once in a blue moon, many paid apps go free on the Google Play Store –


and that is where our next app on the list — AppsFree comes in. It doesn’t actually offer free paid apps, but what it does is — it keeps track of all the Android apps that were paid previously, but now are available for free on Google Play Store. So here, you can set the app category, or maybe the rating and then, choose the app that you would like to have, for free. So what are you waiting for? Maybe the paid app, that you always wanted is available for free right now. Can you take a guess what I am doing right now? No, I am not playing Pokemon Go, although that is another essential app anyway.



Let me just turn around and there you go — This is wifi. An Android app that makes, searching for Wifi signals, a lot more fun and definitely more efficient. These yellow markers tell you the wifi signal strength in that area. Here you can also define areas where there is a lot of signal interference. So the next time you go on the adventure of finding better WIFI signals, you will know where to start. Alright now! There is not a single person in the world who hasn’t felt lonely in his/her life. And believe me! Loneliness gets to you one way or the other. Which is why I thought I should include this app at all costs.



The replica is an AI assistant that responds to your calls when you are feeling lonely or sad. On your journey with Her, by the way, I have named it “Her”. Let me know if you got the reference. So there are four missions that you would have to complete for crossing every milestone. And all are designed to make you feel better. The AI assistant is not technically, intelligent like you see in the movies, you will see that after talking to her. But it is pretty amazing in a way that lets you reflect on your actions, thoughts, all that deep stuff. So those were some Android apps that you should definitely have on your Android device.

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