Twitter Verification: Complete step by step guide to get verified in 2023 on this newly acquired best social platform

Twitter Verification: how can I get verified on Twitter?

We all know, that with Elon Musk recently buying this massively popular platform where people speak their hearts out in a mere character length, Twitter has hit new heights. As we already know, Twitter is an immensely popular platform that is used by governments, companies, organizations, brands, NGOs, celebrities, and other famous people. This platform is usually text-based famous known as ‘tweets’. Although the images and videos are famous too the text format ones top the list. The screenshot of textual tweets even makes it to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, shared as an image. Moreover, since 2021 NFTs can be made profile pictures on Twitter.

To get a blue tick or verification on Twitter is not an easy task in itself. One has to go through a series of procedures to get a verification badge.

Sometimes, even applications of celebrities, brands, companies, and organizations are rejected by the platform. This happens due to minor unnoticeable mistakes.

Twitter Verification
Twitter Verification

To solve this problem, many companies have come up with the idea of helping an individual, a company, a brand, or an organization to get a verification badge on the platform with fewer struggles, less paperwork, and in less amount of time. This involves running free eligibility tests on Google.

Let us now first understand how the basic procedure works.

How to get verification on the platform? What is the Procedure?

Let us understand the process to get verified on this platform.

  1. Submission of the links: You need to submit the following things. First of all, you need to submit the link to your website. Secondly, you need to submit the link to your account. Thirdly, you need to submit the link to the article that has been published on the internet mentioning you or your work. These websites need not be crowd-based and should not offer free publishing. Websites mentioning you and your work should be in good numbers, not limited to one or two only. This falls into the category of Public Relations.
  2. ID verification: You need to submit your Name, phone number, Passport, Address ID, tax ID, government ID such as driving license and other user IDs, etc.
  3. Official contact details: You need to provide your official email ID and phone number. All of them should be in working conditions.

Why are some people getting rejected for verification?

There are some reasons that people aren’t able to get verification badges.

  1. Lack of articles published: Only a few websites are mentioning their work. 3-4 such websites won’t work. Also, the third party of free publishing websites may have referred to their work instead of fully own websites. There should be a good PR
  2. Lack of web presence: Articles published about you and your work should be around 15. Also, those articles should not contain a mere reference but complete details. These articles should repeatedly use your name as a keyword and give full details of you and your work.
  3. Lack of profile on the top search engines and online encyclopedia-Wikipedia.
  4. Blurred images: on photo IDs, incorrect addresses, or maybe, incorrect details that the platform couldn’t verify.
  5. Non-working phone numbers or Email ID: Platform couldn’t verify them and hence, it was unsuccessful.
  6. Not verified on top-3 social media platforms: This can also lead to rejection of your application.
  7. Minor-unnoticeable mistakes: These mistakes can also get your verification application rejected. Some of these mistakes can be committed on their end also.

So, any of the above-mentioned reasons could be the reason for the rejection of the application of verification.

What if you got verified and lost your batch?

If an already-verified person loses their verification badge

  • The person must have already violated the community guidelines of the platform.
  • The person must have posted some post consisting of hatred, textual abuse, verbal abuse, visual abuse, parody, racism, casteism or bullying, etc.

Objectionable posts violate the guidelines of the platform. The platform, firstly, removes the post. Then, they remove the verification batch.

If the same account commits a violation repeatedly, the account can be terminated as well. Also, the terminated person would not be able to make an account on the platform again. This is how verification badges are removed.

How can anyone apply for Twitter Verification?

The procedure followed to get yourself verified

Twitter Verification Step 1: Registration

Register yourself on the company’s application or website. Fill in your details such as name, address, phone number, and official IDs. You can also log in with your social media account. You need to submit your Government ID, address ID, passport, driving license, and taxation ID.

Twitter Verification Step 2: Submission of your links

You need to submit the link to your social media accounts including Twitter. You need to submit the following things. Then, you need to submit the link to your website. After this submission, you need to submit the link to your account. Then, you need to submit the link to the articles that have been published on the internet mentioning you or your work.

Twitter Verification Step 3: Submission of your Official contact details

You need to provide your official email ID and office phone number. All of them should be working.

Twitter Verification Step 4: Submission of any other verified social media platforms

You need to submit the links of any other social media of yours, if any, which have been verified. Also, you need to submit a link to your search engine profile, if searched and if you possess any encyclopedia profile too.

By submission of the above-mentioned things, you are now taking over the process of free testing. This testing occurs on the company’s website or application which runs a free eligibility test. Many free websites offer eligibility tests. The company a-lots you plan according to your profile it is eligible. If it is eligible, your process of verification is speeded up and if it is not eligible, the company makes a plan for you to get a verification badge. The company does all this in turn for a subscription fee. This fee is usually higher for brands and organizations but is lower for individuals.

What is an already verified Twitter account?

Now, the question arises that what is an already verified Twitter account. There are many ways in which one can Buy a Verified Twitter account. An already verified Twitter account is a profile that has been allotted a blue tick or a verification badge after following the procedure which is required and then, it is verified. This profile, as you can see, already has a blue tick or a verification badge. These profiles can be of any individual, brand, community, business, or organization.

Verified Twitter accounts can be sold online as well as offline. These verified Twitter accounts are sold by their owners. The reason for selling their verified Twitter accounts might be selling off a business, brand, or product or it can happen in a time of distress. As these Twitter accounts are verified and the process of verification is costly as well as tiring, these verified Twitter accounts are sold at a good and high price.

So, these verified Twitter accounts are sold at even higher prices than the pricing of the cost of verification. The more the number of followers- the verified Twitter account has and the more the number of likes, comments and shares the verified Twitter account has meant the more the engagement rate of the Twitter accounts. The more prices the owner can charge for selling the same verified Twitter accounts. Also, the price could depend upon the number of posts as well.

There are many limitations in buying these verified Twitter accounts. One such limitation is that it belongs to that particular individual, community, brand, company, or business only. So, verified Twitter accounts cannot have their username changed. Once someone clicks on changing the username, Twitter prohibits it. Although, it can be requested Twitter accounts would not allow this to happen. To get these Twitter accounts verified, legally, individuals, communities, brands, companies, organizations, or businesses have to legally transfer the rights of their entity and Twitter as well. Moreover, buying or selling any kind of social media platform whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, is not recommended and is illegal just as buying followers, likes and comments.

Twitter logo
Twitter Account


It can be concluded that there are various ways that get your account verified on the platform Twitter and those ways require you to submit references of you and your work along with other social media profiles if they are verified. Once you submit web links to the articles mentioning your work, submit links to your own Twitter accounts, submit a link to your website, submit your IDs and contact details and submit the links to any other verified social media platforms, your application is processed. Depending upon various factors, it could be rejected as well. So, you can opt for services that get your Twitter account verified depending upon your application and eligibility.


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