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A web developer needs to know this


As a Web developer, you need to know basic coding and markup language. HTML is the standard for all Markup languages. Most of the websites we have found contain HTML. The functionality of a website depends largely on the HTML skill of the web developer. Also, you need to know CSS to design a website. It is essential to know how to use HTML and CSS. It is CSS that has the ability to convert HTML documents into beautiful websites. Website fonts colors All layouts are CSS. HTML is the back skin of a website. Don’t be HTML or CSS at the most basic part of Web Development. It’s very important.

(2) JavaScript

Javascript should be very useful when it comes to HTML and CSS. Javascript is a higher level programming language in programming languages. Website makes it more interactive and functional. You can use javascript to optimize your website’s user experience. You can write special features on the website directly in javascript. For example, search bar social media share buttons; These are written in javascript. HTML is the basis of a website, and javascript will turn it into a more complete, functional website.

(3) PHP

PHP is known as the Langauge of the internet. To date, more than 80% of websites in the world are written in the PHP programming language. of course. With PHP As time goes by, it becomes more and more popular. It is still the best language for every back-end developer. Learning is very easy and easy. It’s also quite easy to implement. It was because of these simple steps. If you would like to learn more about courses that are up to date, There is quite a difference between the old version and the current version (php 7). The fun thing is that most of the courses are up to date.

(4) Java

Why put java in here has long been a central part of web development. Java is an old language, and it is still used in many areas. In the field of Web development, Java is used for responsive and fast website design (web app). For many back-end developers, this is a must-see list. Learning is very easy and very easy to use. eBay! It’s very successful and big websites like Amazon are built with java. Another thing is that java is easy to maintain. When to learn java, where do you use java? How to build server-side in java Basic java and code writing. Learn all the facts.

Is it a web developer, a front-end, or a web developer? back-end? The full-stack? If you’re not sure what direction you want to go, comment in the comments. We will write more about it based on the answers. Thank you!

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