Drones: Guidelines, uses, operation and top 2 safest drones to buy

A Drone falls into the category of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or Unnamed Aircraft Systems (UASs).

Guideline 1: Drones should be operated in LOS i.e Line of Sight.

Guideline 2: Drones should fall into a category of a particular weight range.

Guideline 3: Drones should not be flown in the vicinity of other aircraft.

Guideline 4: Drones do not fly within 5 miles or 8046.72 meters of an airport.

Guideline 5: Flying near emergency zones.

Guideline 6: Don’t fly drones in adverse climates.

Guideline 7: Don’t fly under any influence of drugs, alcohol, or any sort of pressure.

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