Top Cryptocurrency exchange

Beauty of Decentralized Exchanges and list of top 11 DEX

Popularly known as DEX, The Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges that

holds the true essence of all the aspects of the volatile digital assets providing unique ownership.

Unlike the Centralized Exchanges, their counterparts Decentralised ones do not act like a middleman handling the digital wallets internally.

If the private key that encrypts the wallet is lost, it’s lost forever! However, the Decentralised counterparts of Centralization have their pros and cons.

Probably the best crypto exchange or not, let us understand them in detail.

An Exchange (EX )is a place where financial instruments such as securities, commodities, shares, bonds, currencies, and derivatives are traded.

Stock market exchanges and Centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc are properly regulated.

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